About us

Limitless Beauty "N" You started with one woman going through hormonal issues that eventually led to her being diagnosed with menopause at the early age of 35. My side effects showed up on my body, particularly my face and my neck. I never really felt beautiful from the start. However, dealing with extreme Melasma - hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone started to validate my insecurities. I always knew I was beautiful on the inside, but never connected my inside with my outer-shell. One day I realized that Beauty was Limitless "N" me. I decided that day I would no longer let my imbalance hormones take over my body or my life. Fast forward, today I exist to re-write the rules of beauty, by creating something of out of equal parts, love, necessity, and passion. I no longer will let my hormones or anything or anyone put limits on me. Limitless Beauty "N" You wants to empower women through inclusivity and diversity. We want to help encourage women to know that their Beauty is limitless, no matter color, size, ethnicity, or background. The word Limitless is for all of us.