About us


Limitless Beauty "N" You was founded by me, Savonia. I was diagnosed with menopause at the early age of 36, It felt like the worst period in my life. I was confused and depressed because my imbalanced hormones started affecting all of me, mentally, physically, emotionally and my appearance (my skin). Those who know me, know how important it is to me to present my best self to the world. So, when my skin started being a reflection of my inner imbalance, I was not having it. Fast forward, I tried many products and some gave me that temporary fix, but at a very steep price. So, I knew there had to be a better way to obtain better result in a cost efficient way. That is when Limitless Beauty “N” You was born. All that to say, be mindful on how you care for yourself and your skin. Your skin is just as important as the rest of your body both In and out. There are many factors that can affect your skin, Including surface factors or your hormones. I love love makeup but, I don't use it to cover up my flaws and you don't have too either. Enjoy wearing it and be creative with it and how you express yourself, but remember your makeup is only as good as the healthy skin underneath.