About Us

LBNY SKIN® (LIMITLESS BEAUTY "N" YOU), was founded by me, Savonia. I created this Brand with Love, out of Necessity, and for a Purpose. I was diagnosed with menopause at the age of 34, I didn't know much about menopause, let along how it could affect so many areas of my life.
The change in my hormones were affecting me, mentally, physically, emotionally. I started breaking out and those breakouts turned into uneven skin tone, blemishes, and dark spots. I knew I had to do something.
Fast forward, I put all my efforts into creating products that were geared toward my actual skin concerns. I started noticing a difference in my skin day by day, week by week. That is when Limitless Beauty “N” You was born.
 If you are anything like me, a lover of makeup. Please, remember your makeup is only as good as the healthy skin underneath. I really hope you enjoy our products and would love your feedback and support. We have tried our products with Vendor Events and in person sessions.
We are all about Progress and not Perfection. So, don't let yourself, your condition or others define the Limitless Beauty "N" You……