Our Philosophy

We believe that our skin looks its best when it is healthy.  Unbalanced hormones creates symptoms such as breakouts, discoloration, inflammation, and dryness.  We don’t believe in fighting our skin’s nature, but rather in nourishing it so that it can return to its natural, healthy glow. This means caring for blemishes, and dark spots with anti-inflammatory ingredients and products that promote a healthy skin, so that your skin can win the battle on its own. We do not believe in using harsh chemicals that dry the skin or create dependencies. 

Our skin absorbs up to 60% of ingredients that we apply onto it. What gets absorbed goes straight into the blood stream, unlike our food that first gets processed by our digestive system. This means that our skincare can seriously affect our health.That is why we use ingredients like Turmeric, Oatmeal, Ginger. Plants and minerals can be beautifully powerful and take excellent care of your skin when used properly. 


                     Tea tree                                                    Jojoba Oil.                

                     Squalane Oil                                             Turmeric


                    Witch Hazel                                                   Ginger
                    Oatmeal                                                      Palm Fruit                
                 Kojic Acid                                                    Carrot Seed Oil